Public Service Announcement: Drunk Driving

Man Receives Maximum Jail Time for DUI, Hit And Run

Gang Member “Supervising” Prostitute Gets Maximum Sentence

Long Beach Prosecutor Doug Haubert to Spotlight Gang Program in Washington, D.C., Wednesday

Haubert’s Gang Prevention Strategy—a community-based approach to gang intervention and suppression—will be highlighted as a successful model during the discussion, titled “Innovations in Criminal Justice: Briefing on Successful Community-Based Prosecution,” according to a press release.

LBUSD Bucks Truancy Trends, gets Chronically Absent Students Back in School

In 2013-14, LBUSD had a “chronic” absent rate of 26.1 percent, according to a report state Attorney General Kamala Harris released Wednesday. But by 2014-15, that number had dropped to 9.6 percent.” 

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“There’s a reason we work so closely with the schools to reduce chronic truancy: It’s a smart strategy to reduce crime in the future,” City Prosecutor Douglas Haubert said in an email. “We need to do everything in our power to keep at-risk kids in school and learning, because statistics show that dropouts are more likely to commit crime in the future.”


LB City Prosecutor to Hold Court over Animal Cruelty Prevention Conference (Long Beach Post)

“Obviously, Animal Control officers can’t be everywhere at the same time, so by educating the public, we’re actually reducing the amount of resources it takes to investigate animal-cruelty cases,” Haubert said. “Hopefully, we’re saving taxpayer dollars in that way, too.”

“We think that children at an early age should learn about animal care and identify signs of cruelty,” Haubert said. “The content will be modified to be appropriate for middle-schoolers and high schoolers and adults of all ages. And these ideas must be brought home to the smaller children.”

“That’s part of our job as prosecutors: to educate the public—educate judges, educate jurors and potential jurors on what is an important area of the law,” Haubert said. “It’s not just me—I think I have a very good office, and all my prosecutors have a strong desire to prosecute cases as aggressively as possible when the case warrants it. We care a lot about Long Beach and making it a good place to live, and I think this is a part of the quality of life.

15 Minutes with Long Beach City Prosecutor Doug Haubert (Long Beach Business Journal)

Long Beach City Prosecutor Doug Haubert“Being in this position has confirmed my belief that this is a very important position, and it has the potential to dramatically improve the quality of life in Long Beach. I think Long Beach is a great city, but it could be greater. We’re never going to get past the stigma of being a high-crime city unless we make changes that improve our quality of life and improve safety. The city prosecutor’s office is a huge part of the public safety team. I’m honored to have the position, and I think that I’m making a positive impact on street-level crime in Long Beach . . . Going after gang members and quality of life crimes can significantly improve our lives. It’s one of the most rewarding things about this job.”

Long Beach Tagger Receives 6-month Jail Sentence (Long Beach Post)


“Long Beach City Prosecutor Doug Haubert announced Friday that a local graffiti vandal who defaced a building near 20th Street and Long Beach Boulevard has been sentenced to six months behind bars.”

Long Beach parents of truant kids may be punished (Press-Telegram)

“…Long Beach City Prosecutor Doug Haubert announced that he is teaming up with police and school officials to crack down on truant students – and the parents who enable them.”

Battling gang influence (Press-Telegram)

“Violators face up to six months in prison and a $1,000 fine per violation in addition to whatever penalty the person may face for criminal acts, Haubert said. . . . “The message is to the Sureños … that we’re going after them, not just the guys on the street,” Haubert said after the conclusion of a media conference held to announce the injunction.”

NSL Press Conf4Police Announce Injunction Against Long Beach Street Gangs (Long Beach Post)

“Long Beach police officers, elected officials and prosecutors unveiled a massive gang injunction today designed to target local violent street gangs with ties to the Mexican Mafia.”

Targeting urban gangsters in LB (Press-Telegram)

“Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell has made it clear that gang activity won’t be tolerated during his watch. Now, along with City Prosecutor Doug Haubert, he has sent a message that in one section of Long Beach, at least, gang members are being watched, arrested and prosecuted.”


Charges filed over illegal LB residences (Press-Telegram)

“A Long Beach landlord is facing a 23-count criminal complaint for illegally converting commercial buildings for use as residences and even putting people up in tents. City Prosecutor Doug Haubert announced Friday that his office filed the complaint earlier this month…”

Landlord Faces 23 Criminal Counts In “Slumlord” Case (Long Beach Post)

“A local landlord faces 23 criminal counts for violating the city’s municipal code when she allegedly converted commercial buildings into illegal housing units, according to a press release from the office of City Prosecutor Doug Haubert.”

Long Beach Man, Convicted Sex Offender, Gets One Year Sentence (Long Beach Post)

“I am pleased with the conviction and the sentence,” said City Prosecutor Doug Haubert, in a press release Tuesday. “Giving Aldana the maximum sentence is appropriate and sends a strong message that criminal conduct toward children will not be tolerated.”

WomenShelter holds vigil for domestic violence awareness (Press-Telegram)

“Newly elected City Prosecutor Douglas Haubert said he supports efforts to raise awareness about the problems of domestic violence.”